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September 30, 2010

Baseball is Life… so is family.


Utah Children Photographer

riley, jayde and starr children portrait photography session

Okay, I love this family! They have the cutest kids! And they were such troopers (I can’t believe I said, “troopers” but can’t think of something better at the moment). This was the longest shoot because we had to buy some time while we waited for the lighting on the baseball field – but that was fine with me because I got to take even more photos of these cute kids. Riley is the most amazing baseball player – I mean pitching at 92 miles per hour at age 15? Come on… His Dad jokes that Riley is his retirement, I think he may be right… ;) When somebody books a shoot, I like to think about what they like to do together, etc. and this family is constantly eating, breathing and sleeping “baseball”…

utah children photography

ten year old girl with short brown hair and green eyes at an outside park

two sisters kissing their brother on the cheek in sepia tones

sepia photo of a boy sitting by a tree trunk

beautiful little girl six years old wearing a dark purple summer top for kids

a little girl missing her two front teeth in a purple dress

photo of a handsome teenage boy with dark hair and hazel eyes

brothers and sisters laughing at the camera in a candid photo

black and white photo but still showing the girls blue eyes

hot teenage boy with dark hair that is 16 years old

professional portrait of three young siblings faces

cute little girl with green eyes and blonde hair sitting on a wicker stool

cute pic of three kids in the same family laughing together

cute little girl with blonde hair and big eyes that is five years old

chocolate sepia pic of a girl 10 years old with short brown hair wearing a big necklace

candid picture of a 6 year old girl with really long blonde hair

brothers and sisters pic with a quote on it holding hands and walking down a path

children photography in Utah

portrait of siblings holding hands walking down a path together

collage of a 10 year old girl with 5 different pictures in a story board

cute picture of a brother and sisters bare feet

three siblings laying on the grass in baseball uniforms

three siblings in a dugout hugging each other

a picture of a teenage boy that pitches 92 miles per hour at age 15

teenage boy pitching a baseball

teenage boy sitting holding a baseball ball and mit

picture of a little girl dressed up in her brothers baseball uniform

sepia photo of three siblings playing baseball on a baseball field

teenage boy baseball player in his dugout contimplating

a photo collage of a boy playing baseball

family photo collage idea for a storyboard

cute family picture idea for a family that likes baseball

children photographer in utah

beautiful siblings in a pose together

baseball pic of a boy with a quote on it about baseball

cute family photo just with the kids not with the parents

a teenage boy in a high school dug out

cool pic of a boy looking at his ball and mitt sitting on a pitchers mound

a boy holding his ball and mitt in the dug out on a baseball field

sepia photo of brothers and sisters heads and faces close up

a picture of a big brother with his arms around his little sisters