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May 16, 2012

Witney Carson from So You Think You Can Dance – White on white on white – the horse, the hair the dress….


Witney Carson | Utah Senior Pictures

witney carson senior portrait photography session


I have to say, I am totally obsessed with this senior photo shoot. When I have something in my head and it comes to life in the exact way I wanted it to, it is the best thing ever. When Witney called me we talked about some ideas and the horse thing just stuck. I was thinking something “whimsical” feeling and wanted a white horse to go with her white hair and then have her wear a cream/white dress. Well, Witney brought exactly what I was envisioning for the clothing, she did great.

She had mentioned that her Grandpa owned horses so I just assumed she had ridden before, nope, she had never even been on a horse! Her natural grace and beauty overshadowed any insecurities she had on the horse. She was so amazing to work with and I had so much fun.

There is something magical and whimsical about a white horse, she looks like she is in a fairytale.  Thanks to Maddy who is the horse, Willow’s owner… she was so patient and willing to do whatever we needed.  She was actually standing in some of the shots, but I took her out… you would never know though.  I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!  Love you Wit!

witney carson on so you think you can dance

witney carson from so you think you can dance contestant

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