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September 16, 2012

Children Fashion Photography for Fashion Magazine, Babiekins.


Children Fashion Photographer

world wide children fashion photographer

published editorial for babiekins children fashion magazine


abstract children fashion photography

I am so excited to post these photos, I have been meaning to for months, I couldn’t publish them until they were published in the magazine, they were for their June/ Summer 2012 issue, and I was so busy when they got published I have been trying to find the time to post them!  There are TONS… after you have a team work so hard on hair, makeup, fashion, etc. I want to make sure as a photographer that I get every possible great shot that I can.

When I was trying to come up with the concept for this shoot, I spent days just thinking about it, I had tons of ideas, but nothing really seemed to stick.  I wanted to do something kind of abstract and eye catching.  Whether the reader liked the photos or not, the goal was to make them stop and stare.  I knew for sure I wanted to use my reflection pool, as I had just used it to shoot the Mia Belle Baby fashion line a month earlier, and thought it would be unique for the magazine.

During this time I was trying to come up with the concept, the Dr. Suess Movie, The Lorax was starting to advertise on TV and there was something about the fluffy, colorful trees that I really liked.  So that’s how the concept began, I came up with it one day and I knew that was it.  I will spend a lot of time, hours and hours coming up with concepts, but when I figure it out, that’s it, I don’t change it, I will do anything at that point to make it happen.

I had an amazing team around me, from the amazing h/m artists, Jamie Howard and Charisse Miller, Fashion stylist, Lindsey Shores, artist Tanner Williams and more.  We had tons of interns, and the models were all so amazing to work with.

I really fought everybody around me on this concept, most people didn’t think I could pull it off as it was on the line of cheesy, or just not working.  It turned out exactly how I wanted it, I created my magical, whimsical, Dr. Suess, abstract children’s forest.  We had designers and children fashion salons send fashion from all over Europe from Children Salon, Young Versace, Bang Bang, Chloe, No Sugar Added and more.

We used live butterflies (first time I used them) – and that was just an added bonus to the shoot.  The models were a little nervous around them at first but then warmed up to them.  You have about 5 minutes when you release the butterflies to get good shots, so it is a little stressful.

A special thanks to my amazing husband who makes my sets come to life.  From the water to how the trees will stand up or hang, to creating the structure under the balls (trees) – I would never in a million years be able to do the type of photography that I do with the sets, etc. if it weren’t for him.  He didn’t sleep the week before this shoot, I am so lucky to have him support me with my weird photography concepts. ;)  I will be shooting in Myrtle Beach in a couple of weeks, and I’m trying to coordinate something pretty unique, he is not too happy about what I am trying to do at the beach…. hehe   Stay tuned so you can see what magic I am trying to create there for Child Model Magazine and the amazing models that were cast for this upcoming shoot.

I have split up the photos into a couple of different pages, so when you get to the bottom of a batch you can click below those to see more photos from the shoot, there are so many, I needed to separate them so you can load the web pages. :)  And sorry if there are typos in my blog posts, I am too lazy to re-read them before I post them.

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photo shoot with the lorax dr. suess theme

a magical forest created in a photo studio

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live butterflies at a photo shoot

little girls wearing versace

a little girl with avante guard hair

a little girl with an amazing updo

a little girl wearing young versace

a little girl wearing makeup

a little girl wearing bright red lipstick

a little girl wearing a versace skirt

a little girl walking through a forest

a little girl reaching for a tree leaf

a little girl playing with live butterflies

a little girl on a swing

a little girl looking at her reflection

a little girl in ann enchanted forest

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girls standing in a water puddle

Frosted Productions Photography

five little girl models in Utah

fashion photography by Amber Bauerle

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