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June 5, 2013

The final post from Brooke & Brad’s Gorgeous Wedding!


Utah Wedding Photographers

Wedding Photography by Frosted Productions


The third post from this couple’s gorgeous wedding day… I take a very photojournalistic approach when I do wedding photography, I wish I had more time for it, but with this particular couple we squeezed in their groomals on the wedding day as well, which is what this third post is. We did these in the Grand America Courtyard in Salt Lake City, Utah – I love it there, so beautiful.

a bride laughing out loud

a bride laying down in a wedding dress

pink flowers with a hedge surrounding them

bride and groom kissing each other

wedding photo at grand america utah

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a bride kissing the groom

artistic wedding photography

purple and white summer flowers

photo of bride and groom in sepia on their wedding day

blonde hair and blue eyes on a bride

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wedding photography posing ideas

beautiful summer flowers

a close up photo of a bride's face

wedding photography at the grand america in utah

photo of bride and groom walking and holding hands

a groom looking at the bride in a black and white photo

a bride wearing diamond necklace on her wedding day

a wedding dress close up

a romantic wedding photo with a water fountain

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wedding courtyard grand america

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a groom dipping the bride

gorgeous lace wedding dress

a lace wedding dress with buttons down the back

utah wedding photographer

bride holding her bouquet