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October 21, 2012

Sneak Peek from a shoot I did in Myrtle Beach a couple of weeks ago for Child Model Magazine, for their December issue.


Children Fashion Photographer

unique children fashion photography | sneak peek of editorial for Child Model Magazine’s Holdiay Issue


I went to Myrtle Beach a couple of weeks ago to shoot a couple of editorial’s for Child Model Magazine.  They were amazing to work with, the models were incredible… getting the vintage piano out on the beach was well let’s say an experience, but turned out great in the end.  Stay tuned for many more from this shoot…

children fashion photographer

piano in the water at myrtle beach south carolina

utah photographers

fashion photographer

September 22, 2012

Dance photography session with Witney Carson from “So You Think You Can Dance”


Dance Photography, Editorial Photographer

dance photographer, witney carson


Love this shoot – love Witney Carson, if you watch Fox’s show, So You Think You Can Dance, she made it I want to say to the top 6?  The show is amazing, Witney was amazing.  I was so lucky to work with her.  My background is dance and so I can really related to dancers and when I do shoots with them I know what the proper techniques are, and so I can literally coach them and critique them while I am taking the photos, which helps to get those perfect shots.

When we did this shoot I was super nervous that she would get hurt because the floor was super slippery and with her doing the “jumps” she was doing really stressed me out, I was thinking “what if she got hurt and had to leave the show because of my photography session with her” lol.  She kept reassuring me that she was fine.  When we did the shots where there is water on her hair, etc.  Those types of shots are actually really hard to get without the water being too much on her face or something, we kept throwing water on her over and over and she started to shiver!  But she was such a professional and wanted to keep going until I got the shots, I think I did.

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September 18, 2012

Utah Family Photographer | Beautiful family in an orchard wearing formal clothes with some major sun flare and cute photos of their 19 year old son ready to leave on an LDS mission.


Utah Family Photographer

family photographers in utah, the “t” family


OK. So when it comes to Family Photography I get asked a lot about how my pricing works, what you get with my family photo sessions, etc.  Many people don’t realize the HOURS I spend on my shoots, all photographers spend different amounts of time on their shoots and photos and have different levels of experience. Many of the photos I see on the internet are not edited, or retouched, maybe a quick “contrast boost” click and that’s it, this is fine, however very different than what I do so the pricing is different.

Often most of my clients are people that have knowledge about photography, if you don’t know or can’t tell the difference between good photos and average, then you wouldn’t understand how I charge for the photos perhaps.  My family sessions are not simply going somewhere for 20 minutes and clicking a couple of photos.  This particular family ended up with a thousand proofs, BECAUSE to get TRUE candid photos, you can’t stage the photo quickly.  Sometimes the first 20-30 minutes of a shoot we are getting to know each other, laughing and I’m casually clicking my camera.  Every family is usually a little stiff and uncomfortable at first, typically the parents have just been yelling at their kids to behave in the car, etc. ;)  So it’s important to get them warmed up.

So some things to think about is not only are you paying for a photographer that has the skills to take photos from the right angles with the right lighting and exposure but also a photographer that knows how to get a family to relax and interact, it is actually pretty difficult and not everyone can do it.  Plus remember the hours that are spent afterward having an eye to choose the best photos and then editing them to perfection and then there’s Photoshop – which really differentiates photographers.  Last year I edited out a little girl’s wet jeans on 20 photos because she had a potty accident and we were not near a bathroom… :)  It’s not as easy as it looks, and no matter how good you get, it’s still time consuming.  You can’t just “color” over the jeans that are wet, you need to keep the same textures, etc.

I have thought over and over and over, talked to my husband and tried to come up with a “mini family session” or something, but what happens is it somehow just turns into a regular one, because I am still spending the time setting up my studio or driving around looking for outdoor locations, either way there is much time spent before the shoot has even happened.  And then I usually end up getting so many great shots and then well… I just can’t leave great photos unedited – I just can’t help myself.

While looking at these photos, see if you can notice the candid shots, lighting, posing variety, angles, creativity, the post editing, the brightness of their eyes, the lack of shadows all over their faces, etc.  Okay, so enough about that – I mean this is my blog, so thought it would be a good idea to educate any people out there that don’t understand the difference between photographers, pricing, etc. ;)  And there are MANY AMAZING photographers out there, I’m not saying that there aren’t.

Okay now for this family…

I love family photos in an orchard, I normally don’t like “formal” clothing for family photos, but when the mom wanted to do it I knew she could pull it off.  I want to know colors, clothing, accessories before any shoot, that is part of the consultation call that I do to give tips and help develop the location/concept, props, etc.

This family’s oldest son is getting ready to leave on an LDS Mission for 2 years and so I highlighted him and did some “mission photos” as well. For those of you reading this that don’t know much about the LDS religion, all young men at the age of 19 are encouraged to serve a 2 year mission, they fill out paperwork and then wait to hear where they will be going!

And YES, I am obsessed with sun flare.

photographers in utah

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September 6, 2012

Stunning bridal session that was featured on Utah Bride Blog.


Utah Bridals Photography

wedding photographer in Utah


I could die over this shoot.  I love that it was simple, that it was all about the bride.  I can’t remember if I posted about these photos yet, I know I didn’t upload them on my blog because I have them on my website as the featured couple.  Utah Bride Blog featured this shoot on their blog as well, you can view that post by clicking here. 

I know these aren’t the traditional bridals you would see, not really something I had done before in this way, but I do love them.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE PHOTOS FROM THIS BRIDALS PHOTOGRAPHY SESSION. 

Oh and the photo below is one of my all time favorites, she didn’t know I was taking in the photo when I got this, she was fixing her dress.

wedding photography utah

July 17, 2012

Freeze time, capture the moments… isn’t that what Family Photography is all about?


Utah Family Photographer | Be Real in Front of the Camera

Family Photography in Salt Lake City and Utah County


“I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, As long as I’m living, My Baby You’ll be.”

I love this quote, it’s how I feel about my own children, it’s impossible to capture every single thing that happens as they grow up, but you can try to capture some of them…

When it comes to family photography, I love to capture the true feel of the moments, not just poses for the camera.  I keep snapping my camera during everything happening, the goal with getting photos is to stop time on the moments that matter most, to be able to look back in 30 years and look at a photo that actually brings you back to the laughter, the joy, the love that was shared in those moments that I try to capture through photography.

There is something so sweet and special about a “young family” with small children, I watch them hold the hands of their little ones, wipe their faces, chase them around, it is so cute.  The best thing you can do when planning to get your family photos, is to not stress, to be real, to have fun.

On this particular family photography session we talked about doing something more extravagant with props, set, etc.  But ended up just choosing a plain blue backdrop, which I’m so glad we did as it showcased this family beautifully.  They were so much fun, it feels like I get together with people I don’t even know before the photography session, and we hang out and laugh for an hour or two, and by the time they leave it seems that we have been friends for much longer than just the photo shoot.

After almost every single family photography session I have done, the dad says something like, “that was fun” or “that was easy”.  As we all know many “dad’s” are not so excited about getting their photos taken, my goal is that everybody from the little kids to the dad’s have a great time and look forward to the next family photography session they have.

On a side note, if you are trying to get on my calendar for your family photos, we are booking many appointments in September and October and I won’t be able to take many more family sessions, so get on our calendar soon!  I have a few coming up in the next week… they are smart to get their photos in August. ;)  If you are holding out for fall colors, it is a whirl wind during those beautiful weeks, I usually can find the fall colors any time in October sometimes earlier, if they are not in the valley, we go up to the canyon, so don’t wait until you actually see them, it will most likely be too late to get on my calendar at that point. :)

I have people constantly ask, “what types of photos do I get with a family photography session?”, as far as the photos go, you get group photos, individual photos, photos with just girls, just boys, just mom and dad, basically you get it all.

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June 12, 2012

Pure, Sweet, Heavenly new baby…


Utah Newborn Photographer

heavenly baby, utah newborn photography


This was such a sweet “heavenly” newborn photo shoot, I think it was because the parents were wearing all white… it just gave it such a soft heavenly feeling.  In the past I have done what many other newborn photographers do, shoot the baby against “black”, which I still do and I do still like, but I’m kind of not liking it as much as I used to at the moment.  Here you have a beautiful brand new baby, and taking photos of them against a pure white backdrop, just seems so much more fitting as they are so sweet, new and pure.  I love the photos of the parents and baby…. and the one where the mom’s hair is covering the baby’s body I REALLY love.

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June 9, 2012

Newborn photography of a beautiful sweet little princess, wings, crown and sweet little cheeks you will want to squeeze.


Utah Newborn Photographer

baby princess, utah newborn photography session


I really am going to get caught up on my blog, and I’m starting to make some headway this week…. this newborn photo shoot was a couple of months ago, so not as long ago as other shoots I need to post that are from last fall. ;)

This sweet baby princess is so precious.  She has the cutest little features and the cutest little lips.  Every newborn I take photos of is so beautiful and unique, I love to meet them.  Her big sisters are absolutely adorable and it was so much fun to see how they interacted with their new baby sister.  They were so protective and loving, and simply couldn’t get enough of her.  So they say that after you have 3 kids in a row of the same sex, that the odds of having the other sex is very low – I wonder if this cute couple will ever have a boy or if they will have an all girl family?  Ashlie, if you are reading this, time for the next one, we are dying to meet your next little princess.

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June 9, 2012

Family Photography Session | Family Life – these photos depict what true family life is really like!


Utah Family Photographer

the “g” family against white, utah family photography session


I never get tired of a white backdrop… such a cute family, I had so much fun at this shoot.  Editing the photos I was smiling the whole time, especially on the “family photos”, because many of them depict exactly what family life is all about at that stage.  Little kids running everywhere, sippie cups, changing diapers, bottles, tantrums…. I’m very much in that stage myself right now and although it is exhausting, it is so worth it.

When I look at photos like these, for the most part they don’t feel posed, which is my style of course, but whats the big deal to see a sippie cup, bottle or binki in a photo?  Everybody is always trying to make a photo look perfect – but is your family perfect?  When you look at that photo in 20 years are you going to be able to see the individual personalities beeming through the photo?  That is my goal – don’t make a family photo perfect, make it real.

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June 5, 2012

A sneak peek of this gorgeous little baby… Kenzie.


Utah Newborn Photographer

baby kenzi sneak peek, utah newborn photography session


I have been wanting to do a newborn shoot using my reflection pool for some time now… and lucky me, it was setup the night before this shoot and it just all worked out perfectly.  I can’t wait to get to the rest of the photos.  This baby was incredible to work with and her mom delivered totally natural… crazy woman, I would be way too scared, but it is amazing to me that a mom would do that!  I am starting to think I should next time (according to my husband there won’t be a next time), but anyway, every baby I have ever taken photos of that has been delivered naturally has the best temperament and is so calm!  It is weird that there is that big of a difference, but there is, I don’t really know what that means exactly… just saying it’s interesting. ;)

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June 4, 2012

Sneak Peek of Witney Carson’s Dance Photo-Shoot | Witney Carson from So you think you can Dance!


Here is a sneak peek of this “dance” photoshoot I did with Witney… wow – it was so amazing, everything just worked perfectly.  It seems that every time I do a photoshoot with her, everything is perfect, she is totally casual, but so stunningly beautiful… I’m so lucky to take pics of her!

She was such a trooper at the end as well because we threw water on her 10 times in a row and she was shivering (although we were inside it was still cold), but she let us keep doing it until we got the shot… and I must say, “we got the shot.”  There are so many more good ones, I can’t wait to finish editing them!

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