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June 17, 2014

Commercial Fashion Photography fashion photographer   When Persnickety and I we were trying to decide where a good place would be to shoot their 4th of July 2014 collection, we thought – what better place than Washington DC?  It was SO much fun traveling with my top client, they are my best friends and I [...]


Commercial Fashion Photography

fashion photographer


When Persnickety and I we were trying to decide where a good place would be to shoot their 4th of July 2014 collection, we thought – what better place than Washington DC?  It was SO much fun traveling with my top client, they are my best friends and I love working with them so much.

Soooo… the weather, well it sucked.  We got there and had planned to shoot for 2 days, but the weather was going to get bad the 2nd day, so we had to cram everything into the first day.  And when say “bad weather” the storm actually had a name, it was called “Riley”, it was a snow storm!  The first day (and only day) that we shot, it was one of the most difficult shoots to do, the girls were absolutely freezing, and so was I.  I can remember some of my coldest shoots and this was at the very top, because of the humidity and the wind, it was unbearable, and then we put these little girls in summer clothes!!!   Honestly it was amazing we got any photos at all from that day.  If you look closely you will see the little girls holding their fists tight in some of the photos, I felt SO bad… such a bad situation when you get bad weather for commercial shoots and then have to torture your models. :(

Another hard thing about shooting at this type of shoot is that we wanted to capture the buildings and memorials, so I was shooting all different directions which causes some shadowing, etc. that I don’t like, but had no choice which direction to shoot if I wanted to capture the buildings… fun, fun!

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June 15, 2014

Stunning Amiah in a studio shoot while I was in LA.


Child Fashion Photographer

editorial photographer


One of the most amazing and striking faces I have come across.  She is so incredibly good in the front of the camera, I literally just sit there and shoot and she takes over, it’s so impressive for her age.  I had this fun necklace from Anthropologie and decided to use it as her “bangs” – LOVED how they turned out.

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June 13, 2014

My muse, Laiya wearing Le Carrousel Paris.


Children Photographer

child fashion photography


I am absolutely obsessed with my little Laiya, I found her last year and have had her at dozens of photo shoots since, she is so sweet and beautiful, I consider her one of my muse’s.  Seriously, her temperament is like nothing I have ever seen, I didn’t even hear her talk the first five shoots I did with her, she is shy but still some how gives me some of the most amazing photos I have ever taken!  These are some shots I did for Le Carrousel Paris, I love this designer and just shot their Spring 2015 line, but can’t show that for a while. ;)

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June 11, 2014

Blossom Baby.


Children Photographer

children portrait photography


My little pumpkin Belle playing in blossoms with messy hair… love her.  Wearing Persnickety.

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June 9, 2014

More gorgeous siblings in portfolio shoots.


Child Photographer

portfolio portrait photography


So many siblings that booked with me while in LA – so fun.  These two were so beautiful… I have to say I am surprised I got any shots of Jagger, he basically had a melt down (like all normal kids have their moments), but I really didn’t think he would let me take any photos, he was pretty set on me “not” taking his photos. ;)  Boys can be difficult sometimes, but somehow I can still sneak some good shots, can’t handle his cute face and hair.  And his sister – wow, she is stunning.

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April 18, 2014

Nautical Lagoon Editorial for Child Model Magazine.


Child Model Photographer

editorial photography


LOVE shooting for Child Model Magazine, they are such a fun team to work with and send me all over to do fun editorials working with their AMAZING models.  This was a shoot for their March Issue, it was called Nautical Lagoon.  We shot in Long Beach, California and were in one of the worst rain storms they had seen in over a year. :(  Was SO stressful but luckily still pulled it off – phew.  Funny thing, while shooting part of the shoot on the beach I got stung by a bee (which has happened multiple times to me over the years) but this time my leg started swelling up pretty bad…  I have never been allergic but after looking it up, I guess you can develop a bee allergy – who knew?  I’m always seeing lots of snakes and things while shooting, hopefully I don’t get bit by a snake! Aaah!  Worst fear.

I hadn’t met most of the models until this shoot, they were all fantastic!  Fashion is by Persnickety Clothing Company and Mini Boden.

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April 4, 2014

Magical Photos of my beautiful Belle.


Children Photographer

child portrait photography


Took photos for 5 minutes of Belle, but ended being some of my favorites of her to date.  I love the “romantic, warm” feel to these.  And her eyes in the third one!!  Love!

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April 1, 2014

Some all time wild flower photos – Persnickety SS14 Collection shots.


Children Fashion Photographer

fashion commercial photography


Some more unbelievable, amazing, breathtaking wild flowers…  This was the second shoot in wild flowers I did for Persnickety SS14 Collection – I DIE over a field of flowers – can you believe these? WOW.  Some of my all time favorite photos – the dancing in the field… hopefully you can get the “Sound of Music” feeling.

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March 29, 2014

Somewhere over the rainbow…


Children Commercial Fashion Photographer

kids fashion photographer


Can you say, “photography heaven”?  Because I was seriously DYING, DYING, DYING when I found these amazing wildflower this past summer…  I literally was practically crying the entire shoot it was so beautiful.  There is something about a field of flowers that probably tops every type of scenery I have shot in… I will be in shooting in Europe in a few months, so that might be my new favorite scene, we shall see…

In a couple of the photos you can see two moose grazing in the fields behind the model… take a peek and tell me if you spot them.

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March 10, 2014

Beautiful Brisa and Amiah modeling for Persnickety Clothing Company in Miami Beach.


Child Fashion Photography

children photographer


LOVE these two models, I have had the chance to shoot with Brisa (brunette) many times now, it was my first time with Amiah and loved her too.  They were both so easy and fun to work with.  They know what they are doing, both very experienced.  So this is the last shoot I did for Persnickety in Miami a couple of months ago. I love their Nautical/ Cruise Line – so pretty, yet still playful.  Check out their website to see if they still have anything left!

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