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June 9, 2013

Utah Newborn Photographer | Beautiful Ella Newborn Photography by one of the premier newborn photographers in Utah, Frosted Productions  


Utah Newborn Photographer | Beautiful Ella

Newborn Photography by one of the premier newborn photographers in Utah, Frosted Productions


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September 8, 2012

Cute family, cute color scheme, cute antique shop location for this Family Photography Session.


Utah Family Photography

family portrait photographer


What a fun family!  One thing I love about my job is I get to make so many new friends, hear about their lives, and help them capture their special moments and interactions with each other. I have not done any head swaps on this shoot yet, most of the time in when it comes to family shoots, head swaps are common to get everybody smiling at the camera, but when it comes to extended family photos – it’s usually impossible to get everybody smiling perfectly at the camera all at once when there is little kids involved. :)

This was kind of an extended family, but only 10 people, so not too bad.  I currently don’t do large extended family shoots as it is hard for me to maintain creative control of the situation, but just one kid married, etc. is usually doable.

I am totally in love with the antique shop photos and the whole junk yard feel, etc.

I KNOW I post a lot of photos, I don’t post all of them from any session believe it or not, but I think it’s important to not just post “my favorites from a session” but give the reader a feel of what types of photos I do with each unique session, how many, individuals, variety, etc.

Click below to see photos from this Family Photography Session.

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June 9, 2012

Family Photography Session | Family Life – these photos depict what true family life is really like!


Utah Family Photographer

the “g” family against white, utah family photography session


I never get tired of a white backdrop… such a cute family, I had so much fun at this shoot.  Editing the photos I was smiling the whole time, especially on the “family photos”, because many of them depict exactly what family life is all about at that stage.  Little kids running everywhere, sippie cups, changing diapers, bottles, tantrums…. I’m very much in that stage myself right now and although it is exhausting, it is so worth it.

When I look at photos like these, for the most part they don’t feel posed, which is my style of course, but whats the big deal to see a sippie cup, bottle or binki in a photo?  Everybody is always trying to make a photo look perfect – but is your family perfect?  When you look at that photo in 20 years are you going to be able to see the individual personalities beeming through the photo?  That is my goal – don’t make a family photo perfect, make it real.

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September 30, 2010

Baseball is Life… so is family.


Utah Children Photographer

riley, jayde and starr children portrait photography session

Okay, I love this family! They have the cutest kids! And they were such troopers (I can’t believe I said, “troopers” but can’t think of something better at the moment). This was the longest shoot because we had to buy some time while we waited for the lighting on the baseball field – but that was fine with me because I got to take even more photos of these cute kids. Riley is the most amazing baseball player – I mean pitching at 92 miles per hour at age 15? Come on… His Dad jokes that Riley is his retirement, I think he may be right… ;) When somebody books a shoot, I like to think about what they like to do together, etc. and this family is constantly eating, breathing and sleeping “baseball”…

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