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April 6, 2017

Butterfly Sailor, shot in Brooklyn, New York.


Children Fashion Photographer

child fashion photography

Okay – let’s see if I can remember how to post to my blog, I’m surprised I remembered the login.  I feel like I’m a million years behind, I don’t know if I will ever get caught up – but I have got to try!!!  It’s crazy how far behind I am.  I am noticing more and more people reference my blog and look for photos on here, and there is so much of my work that I haven’t ever even posted anywhere, I need to get on it!  This is Sailor – I absolutely love her – and we did her hair like a butterfly… shot in Brooklyn, NYC…  I wish I had more time to go everywhere I want to go, I get many requests… there is just not enough time in the year to go everywhere, I will be back soon though.

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August 8, 2014

Jordyn – classic beauty.


Model Portfolio Photographer

portrait photography

My beautiful, stunning Jordyn who I have had the pleasure of photographing tons of times – I always think it couldn’t get better, and somehow it always does…

Pink and green dress, styled and wardrobe by

Floral couture dress by Alexandria and Olivia.

Amazing hair and makeup by

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August 7, 2014

Gorgeous, amazing, beautiful, unreal twins.


Children Portfolio Photographer

model studio photography


It’s hard to say in words how much I fell in love with these two twins and their Mom.  After I got back home she texted me that “I had them at hello”… I felt the same way.  I will be photographing them again in Boston, Wells and Paris soon – CAN’T wait!

Amazing wardrobe and styling by | h/m

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November 12, 2013

Miss Maddie Grace


Children Portrait Photography

children photographer


I fell asleep at 9:00 pm tonight, which is so rare for me – sadly my body thinks that 4 hours of sleep a night is normal, so now I am up at 1:00 am, lol.  My posts are a little delayed on when I type them up and when they actually get posted (as I catch up).  So today I just finished shooting Persnickety Clothing Company’s catalog for Fall 2014 – fun, tired, amazing, beautiful models, stress – typical catalog shoot where you put so many hours into it before the photos even take place and now I will be putting so many hours afterward in post editing. ;)

This shoot was when I was able to meet Miss Maddie Grace in Atlanta – fell in love with her, and also her mom and sweet Aunt.  She just flew out to Utah and was part of the Persnickety Fall shoot – love her to pieces.  My favorite “Maddie Grace” moment this weekend was when we had been shooting for a bit and she looked at me (she’s only 6 keep in mind) and said, “I’m about to fade” in her southern accent.  It was so hilarious!!!! Most kids would say, “I’m tired” or something, so was just really funny.

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October 11, 2013



Portrait Photography | Chloe

portrait photographer


This beautiful ginger needed some head shots for some different auditions she was doing, I know at one point she was going to tryout for the NYC Rockettes, I need to follow up with her to see if she did, she is a beautiful dancer and we had a lot of fun at the shoot.

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September 20, 2013

Sequins and Pearls… beautiful little girl modeling against a white photography backdrop.


Child Model Photographer

children portrait photography


I think this little girl can give some a beautiful soft expression, she was a natural behind the camera.  I don’t know how much experience she had, but thought she was such a little cutie.  I met her in Atlanta while there for Top Model for Child Model Magazine.

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September 3, 2013

Beautiful child model, Imani.


Model Portfolio Photographer

children photographer in utah | imani


I love, love this girl (Imani) – her beauty is epic and I have so much fun with her when we are at photo shoots.  This shoot was actually the first time I photographed her, she had flown into Utah for an editorial for Child Model Magazine and booked a private shoot with me while she was here.  Children photography is so fun because I get to create these little bonds with models from across the country.  Many times when I travel or have models travel here for editorials, models will book portfolio shoots to get updated head shots and photos for their portfolios.

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April 27, 2013

Utah Children Photographer | Three beautiful little sisters starting their modeling career.


Utah Children Photographer | Children Photography

children portrait photographer in Utah


These little sisters are so beautiful!  And they were all a dream to work with…  They needed some photos for their portfolio as they are modeling, and so we tried to give them a few different looks/feels.

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April 27, 2013

Beautiful Ana against a simple, clean white backdrop.


Head Shots | Portrait Photography

utah portrait photographer


Wanted to take the “Cover Girl” type approach with this gorgeous girl… she actually won this shoot when we did a Facebook contest a year or so ago!  It was so fun hanging out with Ana and getting to know her, whenever I shoot any sort of teen photography, senior portrait photo shoot or work for Teen Model Magazine it seems we all hang out and have a party, I love it.

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September 29, 2012

Some of my favorites from the photos I took at the Janie Jack Spring Mini-Shoots for Precious Time Photography.


Utah Children Photographer

children photography | spring sessions at Janie and Jack for Precious Time Photography


This past Spring (yes months ago) I was asked by Precious Time Photography to shoot the Spring Mini Sessions at Janie and Jack, which is owned by Gymboree Corp.   It was a lot of work, but a lot of fun.  Each session was 20 minutes, and I it was back to back all day long… All of the kids looked so adorable in their Janie and Jack outfits, and I LOVE a simple white backdrop.  I wish I could have done their Fall mini-shoots this year, but had to decline as I got so swamped quickly, but may be able to fit it in again in the future.

There were so many cute photos, I quickly grabbed some of my favorites to post.

One thing I realized while doing these shoots along with other similar ones, is that I can get great shots in just a 20 minute session.  Many of the sessions I do are impossible to “scale back” to get to a lower price point.  In other words, with the type of photography I do and post-editing I don’t feel I could get the shots that I would be up to my standard in 20 minutes with an entire family, etc.  But I have decided to start offering a “children mini-session”, I will have details soon. But the concept is that I will have a lower price point for my children sessions, they won’t be as “custom”, you won’t be able to have outfit changes, talk about back drops prior, etc.  But still will get the same quality photography and editing… I’m thinking that will be of interest to some of you out there.

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