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Thanks for visiting my photography blog! For pricing and information go to I attempt to keep up to date on it, and have felt more motivated lately... so hopefully will be current eventually. This is a new blog since 2012, thought I would migrate my old posts over, but let's be honest, I don't think it will ever happen - so for now, enjoy my latest (and hopefully greatest). I usually write late at night, so please excuse my punctuality, sometimes I have something to say about a shoot, and other times I'm falling asleep, it's random, but at least you get to see the photos. I'm the only photographer and editor of Frosted Productions (get asked that a lot) - I will have admins help post photos, but I'm the one that always writes the posts - feel free to comment - I love to hear from others. xoxo

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April 6, 2016

Stunning Brooklyn and Laiya in a field wearing dresses by Love Baby J. These photos are so beautiful they will take your breath away I promise. ;)


Children Photography

portrait photographer

STUNNING Brooklyn and Laiya wearing stunning dresses by Love Baby J.  It’s honestly hard to have words for these two girlies – I have taken photos of them for years now and I still get inspired every time I am with them.  Two of the sweetest, most beautiful girls on the inside I have ever had at my shoots – we all know what they look like on the outside, but it’s the inside that counts.

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February 6, 2015

Golden Field, Golden Horses and Golden Faces, well Red Faces, it was hot.



Child Fashion Photographer

fashion photography by Amber Bauerle

Well hello there, wait what – I’m back on my blog?  Yep – another stab at getting caught up, we will see how that goes.  It seems that when catalog seasons hit I get so behind, it is so crazy I can barely keep my head above water.

I’m so exited for 2015 – a lot of travel, but some amazing things happening!  Can’t wait to capture some great images and continue to push my creativity and photography skills.

This shoot was done this past summer, I couldn’t post for a while because some of the designs by Persnickety had not been released yet… it was sooooo hot!  It was 98 degrees and the models were dying…. still got some fun magical shots. Enjoy and keep checking back, I’m challenging myself to keep up on my blog for 2015.

If you like looking at my photos, I do post on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, etc. but my blog is where I post all edited photos from a shoot.  There are so many that I have never shown until I post them on my blog, I would love your comments on here! xoxo

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September 24, 2013

Red, White & Green… more Holiday Outfits, by Baby & Me Design.


Child Fashion Photography

children commercial photographers


Some more holiday boutique fashion, but this time by Baby and Me Designs – green, white and red… this little cutie was all decked out for the Holidays. ;)

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September 23, 2013

Holiday Fashion by Pixiedust Pretties.


Children Commercial Photographer

holiday children fashion


A few photos for Pixiedust Pretties holiday outfits that were featured on Zulily. I love anything “Christmas”.

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September 23, 2013

Snow Angel


 Children Photographer

editorial children photographer


I had so much fun last winter using fake snow…  these photos were done in my studio and I love the white, beautiful feel that snow gives.  This gorgeous little girl lived in Nevada and traveled to Utah for the photo shoot.  We used extensions to make her hair look longer and give more of a dramatic feel.  And then for part 2 of the shoot her mom brought that amazing vintage dress…. LOVED it.  We shot some with her brother as well, this mama goes ALL out on her Christmas Cards (traveling hundreds of miles, vintage gowns, etc.).

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September 16, 2013

utah photographers | dakota


Utah Photographers

children photographer in utah


I was so excited to see Dakota again so quick after our last shoots (she had flown out to SLC for one of my editorial shoots).  I am in love with the winter outfit feel, her mom is great at styling and fashion – which always makes the shoots even better.  Behind the lens and of course in person, Dakota is just gorgeous and amazing at modeling. One of those girls that seriously doesn’t need coaching, she is so experienced and knows exactly what to do.  It’s fun because the more and more I shoot the same model, they start to understand my style and what I like as well, it goes so easy and quick, and you can end up with such amazing shots in such a short period of time.

Always love adding the fake snow effect…

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September 12, 2013

Model Portfolio Photography | Abby


Children Model Photographer

model portfolio photography | Abby


Oh my, how I love my little Abby.  The first time I was lucky enough to meet this little cutie was during the Enchanted Shores Piano Photo Shoot in Myrtle Beach for Child Model Magazine.  She was such a lovely little thing to be around, and I instantly connected with her cute mother, who every time I see, it is like we have been friends for years.    I love Abby’s intense blue cat eyes, and her soft look that she can do whenever I ask, it doesn’t look forced, a lot of kids have a hard time pulling that off.  She also really knows what she is doing behind the camera, very good at using her angles, etc.

I did these shots will in Atlanta, I do child model portfolio shots all the time, go to for more information on pricing, etc.  Need 3-5 months in advance for a booking usually.

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August 7, 2013

Children Photography of this beautiful little girl, think “sun, white, lace, field, vintage”.


Utah Children Photographer

children photography in Utah


I loved, loved this children photo shoot.  This little girl is so beautiful – her white/golden hair is to die for.  The sunlight and field, colors – a photographer’s dream. In the “LDS/Mormon” religion you get baptized when you are 8 years old, so that’s why her mom scheduled this shoot, and kind of helps make sense of the photos where she is holding up her “blessing” dress from when she was a baby.  I was excited when she arrived and her mom had bought a vintage dress for her – gorgeous!!

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February 27, 2013

Beautiful child photos of this sweet little girl at my favorite field in the world.


Children Photographer

children photography | Starr


This past Summer I took my beautiful little neighbor, Starr up to my favorite field in the world and played around, I had to snap some photos for Royal Sisters Boutique, who do these amazing head bands/ bows, etc.  So that was the purpose – but how could I not just take some fun candid stuff too? Although I do so much photography, I can never get enough of it, give me a sweet, innocent child and a beautiful field with white flowers and you will literally have to drag me away until I can’t go any higher on my ISO settings… I am SO, so, passionate about what I do and every day feel so lucky to actually be making money at doing something that is so much fun.  When I am at photo shoots, I go into a world where I don’t think about anything else except the shoot at this moment, there is really nothing else that allows me to do that…

I had my little Belle up there with me and was able to get a couple cute ones of her too, so I included those.  I LOVED the cute dress that Starr was wearing when I saw her that afternoon, I need to ask her what brand it was, if I forget to comment and somebody wants to know, remind me.  But I wasn’t planning on taking photos of her, I just knew I had to get these headbands shot  and when I saw her it inspired me to take her to this lovely place and take some photos.  I love that her hair was so natural and not perfectly curled, etc.  That is my favorite look on a child.

There are wild apple trees at this place (not in these pics), and it is the ONLY location I really keep to myself, I have never seen another photographer there and if the word got out I feel like there would be a million photographers there 24/7 because of it’s beauty and variety. I like to go there with my kids in the summer, sometimes in the late afternoon or sometimes in the middle of the day, just to run around, throw rocks, etc.  They named it officially, “Apple Crisp” park.  It is where I have taken some amazing fall color pictures I get asked about a lot… I think I get asked hundreds of times a year where this place is… I can’t wait to go there this Spring… hmmmm, just thinking about it sort of put me in a trance of “wanting summer and no more winter”… it gets hard every year in Utah for me around March, when you are craving Spring and Summer and sort of done with the snow.  Although, I’m not a “winter hater” like some around here, I actually love the whimsical white beauty of snow and the cold doesn’t bother me.

Okay, so back to the photos…  so we really only spent about 15 minutes taking these and it was later than “golden hour”, so normally would have shot them earlier, but I still think they are pretty.

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October 21, 2012

Sneak Peek from a shoot I did in Myrtle Beach a couple of weeks ago for Child Model Magazine, for their December issue.


Children Fashion Photographer

unique children fashion photography | sneak peek of editorial for Child Model Magazine’s Holdiay Issue


I went to Myrtle Beach a couple of weeks ago to shoot a couple of editorial’s for Child Model Magazine.  They were amazing to work with, the models were incredible… getting the vintage piano out on the beach was well let’s say an experience, but turned out great in the end.  Stay tuned for many more from this shoot…

children fashion photographer

piano in the water at myrtle beach south carolina

utah photographers

fashion photographer