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February 25, 2013

Utah Newborn Photographer | The Bell Family welcomes their “Bell of the Ball”


Utah Newborn Photographer

Newborn Photography in Utah | The “Bell” of the Ball


The Bell Family was so excited to welcome this beautiful new baby into their home…  She was so sweet and squishy and was patient while we put her into fun little poses.  Since I am literally a year behind in posting, I may not even remember details from post to post – but I have one of my assistants now actually helping me put the blog posts together.  It will also be me writing them, but she can help put the photos in place, etc.  Although my photography has really mainly been commercial shoots lately, I think I will always make time for sweet newborn photography shoots – there is really nothing that compares to them.

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March 15, 2012

Get 10% off your entire PepperLu purchase! Plus get entered into a drawing to get a $50 gift card, courtesy of PepperLu! They make the best faux floors and photography props out there… I put a little video together to show you how easy they are to use,.

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Save 10% on on PepperLu’s faux floor mats and photography props! This is a special offer for my fans!

*Make sure you read to the bottom of the post to also enter into a drawing to win a $50 gift card towards your next PepperLu purchase!!!

This post is not only to give you a discount on the BEST faux floor mats out there, but to also tell you a little bit about this company and their wonderful, amazing, perfect floor mats – that I personally LOVE. If you look at my old blog or this one, you would know that I normally don’t post about products and companies very often. But I couldn’t resist not sharing with my fans some info about these amazing faux floor mats – PLUS I’m going to give an exclusive discount to anyone who wants to purchase one, two, three… there are so many great ones, and after you use one you will be hooked!

The name of the company is “PepperLu”, if you are a photographer, I’m sure you have heard of them. They specialize in “photography props”, their main product being these amazing faux floor mats. Before I had ever used them I saw some photos of them, and I couldn’t believe how realistic they looked, I also loved that there was no glare. Then when I found out you could smush them into a washing machine, I was sold! It seems I constantly have props and equipment that are heavy, or wrinkle, or just awkward things for me to move around constantly during my shoots. PepperLu mats are my favorite faux floor mats to use because they are so easy to move around and manipulate! They are like a giant mouse pad, that is the best way to describe them.

And then just to top everything off their customer service is astounding, everything they do is quality and “current”. They know what photographer’s want.

I am offering a special discount on these until March 23, 2012!!!!! The discount code is, “frosted”. Whether you are a professional or somebody that just likes taking photos of your children in your own home, these mats would work for you. They are so durable, I have used them for multiple editorial shoots, newborn shoots, etc. and all of them still look brand new.

Below is a quick little video I threw together to show you how easy they are to use, plus different ways I use them for shoots, store them, etc. My husband was SUPER excited when I let him know he was going to be in this video (not really he would rather be snowboarding, and still can’t believe I’m actually posting this). It’s not some professional commercial or anything, but thought it might help for you to see them in action. And make sure you keep reading below to enter to win a $50 gift card from PepperLu!!

Again, if you want to purchase anything from them, go to and enter the code “frosted” for 10% off your entire purchase. And if you want to enter to win a $50 gift card from PepperLu, it is SOOOOOOOO easy, this is what you have to do:

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If you want to see more photos where I have used their mats, they are basically all over my website, I also used them in a recent editorial I did for Mia Belle Baby’s Spring Collection 2012, go see those pics here: Children Fashion Photography

February 3, 2012

Check out the 2nd Photo Slideshow from the Children Editorial Photo Shoot I did for Mia Belle Baby!


Children Fashion Photo Shoot

Here is part 2 of the photos from the Children Editorial Photo Shoot I did for Mia Belle Baby! All of these girls are sooooo dang cute!

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