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September 28, 2015

Such a fun portfolio photo shoot with Kayla from NYC… LOVE HER!


Model Portfolio Shoot

portrait and fashion photography

Cute as a button – you saw her beauty in the Cinderella post previous to this one… but look how fun she is!!!  Love her so much… this was a fun portfolio shoot we did while she was in Utah.

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September 26, 2015

So in love with these photos of Ellery in a studio session!!!


Portrait Photography

model portfolio photography

Beautiful Ellery in a stunning studio photography session…

Sometimes I forget about photos since I edit so many all of the time, I just scrolled through these and love so many of them!

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September 24, 2015

Happy Halloween – I mean Valentines Day… check out these cute custom cards I made for Belle this past Feb.


Children Photography

child fashion photographer


I made custom Valentine Cards for my little Belle this past year – I had so much fun… she was the “Queen of Hearts” and wore this amazing costume by Ella Dynae.  When I look at these photos I can’t believe how much she has changed since February!!!  Makes me so sad. :(  I printed them out and that’s what she used at her pre-school class – so cute!

I know Halloween is approaching but, “Happy Valentines Day” – since that is how far behind on my blog I am. I am trying to slowly post more and have my assistant helping me, so hopefully I will catch up one day, until then enjoy.  xo

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June 1, 2015

Beautiful family playing in my fake snow!


Family Portrait Photography

portrait photographer

I don’t do family portrait sessions very often, only once in a while I will advertise and do a few.  This was such a fun session, when do you get to play in the snow and be warm?  This fake snow by Sno Wonder is the best, I have so much fun using it.  This is such an adorable family – gorgeous!!!

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November 6, 2013

Beautiful Dakota in a studio photography shoot for her modeling portfolio.


Child Model Portfolio Photography

portrait photographer


LOVE my little Dakota – I have shot her numerous times, and every time I just love, love her.  She is so photogenic and her mom is also so sweet and amazing, it’s so fun all of the different relationships and friends I get to meet from all over the world, if I wasn’t a photographer I would probably only know people in my neighborhood. :)  I hope I see Dakota and her mama again soon!  Oh and her Mom is AMAZING at styling, I won’t take any credit for the outfits that she puts together.

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November 5, 2013

Children Fashion Photography for Child Model Magazine & Mole Little Norway.


Editorial Photographer

children commercial photography


LOVE this sweet company, Mole Little Norway… they make the softest, sweetest clothes.  Every time I see their clothes, I wish they had adult sizes.  Always love a simple white backdrop, I shot this while in Atlanta for Child Model Magazine and Mole Little Norway.  Was there actually shooting a teen shoot for Model Magazine, but was able to squeeze this one in while I was there too.

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October 21, 2013

Vintage, Fluffy, Falling, Love Baby J


Children Fashion Photographer

child fashion photography

This was the first photo shoot I did for Love Baby J, the have the most dramatic, fluffy, feathery dresses EVER.  Check out their website if you need to add some dramatic fluffiness to your daughters wardrobe.  The dresses are great for photography, pageants, weddings, costumes, dress up and more.  Every little girl I have seen put one of their dresses on immediately lights up – what little girl doesn’t like feeling like a princess?

I had the owner send me items that “spoke Love Baby J”, so she sent flowers, lace, pearls, feathers, etc.  I spent hours after the shoot having an assistant drop them while I would get the photo, as for the models, they had the time of their life – jumping/falling over and over, they were sad when the shoot was over. ;)

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October 14, 2013

Fashion Photography for Persnickety Women’s Spring Line


Fashion Photography

women’s fashion photographer


Persnickety did a few bonus looks for Women this past Spring. When we were shooting it was like a girl’s night out, we all laughed and talked for hours while getting the shots, it’s fun when your job doesn’t feel like a job.  One of my favorite quotes is “If you love your job, you never work a day in your life”…

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October 8, 2013

Soft, balletic editorial for Child Model Magazine.


Children Editorial Photography

children photographer


An editorial for Child Model Magazine from earlier this year, I am in love with the soft, balletic feel of this shoot.  I have always been enchanted by music boxes, when you open them up they can give you a feeling that almost takes you back to your childhood, or possibly a magical place inside of yourself.

Beautiful fashion by Tutu Du Monde, hair and makeup by the amazing Charisse Miller.

Behind the scenes video:

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October 5, 2013

Koko Blush Valentines


Child Fashion Commercial Photographer

children photographer


This was a shoot for the amazingly talented Koko Blush.  I was so excited to start working with them, they have the most amazing props, fashion and creativity.  This shoot was thrown together in a matter of a day, but of course with all of the photography props and fashion that Koko Blush has, it’s easy to throw a shoot together and still get amazing photo styling from them.  And you can always count on a crisp, clean white backdrop to give you a clean and vivid commercial photos.

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