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September 12, 2013

Utah Wedding Photographers | J+L Wedding Day


Utah Wedding Photographers

wedding photographers in utah | j+l


And for the finale of this gorgeous, amazing, beautiful couple…  see there engagement photos in the previous posts, I did have these posted a while ago on my site but needed to get them on my blog.

I get asked all of the time if I do wedding photography, I seldom have time to fit wedding’s into my schedule, but when couples book months in advance I will sometimes do a couple here and there.  I want to make sure the couple will have my utmost time and attention before the shoot is booked.  If you have questions about my wedding photography, please visit my wedding photography page here: Frosted Productions Utah Wedding Photographer

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August 21, 2013

Enchanted Shores | Editorial Photography at Myrtle Beach for Child Model Magazine


Editorial Children Photographer

children photography, fashion | enchanted shores


This is one of my favorite editorial photo shoots to date.  It was last fall in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for Child Model Magazine.  Hair and Makeup (amazing) by Charisse Miller and fashion by Mummymoon and Tutu Du Monde.   When I thought about my inspiration for the shoot and what I wanted to do, it went back and forth and evolved in my head like most editorial shoots do for me, and where it began was that I wanted something whimsical and enchanting, but almost ghostly or a little bit different.  I began picturing an abandoned ball room at the beach where ghosts danced, and then the piano came to mind.  So I was thinking, “okay, so how do I get a piano on the beach, is it even possible”.

Then the hours of calling and figuring things out began, between my admins and myself the amount of hours spent on the phone just trying to figure out first, “where to get a piano”, second, “how to get it on the beach” was exhausting. I got to the point many different times where I almost gave up, everybody I talked to said “it wouldn’t work”, “wasn’t possible”, “would sink in the sand”, etc.  Finally I talked to the right person… he had the perfect piano for me already and had equipment to get it to the beach AND here’s the kicker, I paid him $700 to “gut” the piano so it wouldn’t weigh as much.  It actually still weighed 150 pounds after it was gutted, so if you can imagine “not gutting it” would have been impossible to move on the sand.

Just when we thought everything was figured out OF COURSE he (my piano guy) was going to be out of town that weekend (my shoot, models, flights everything was already booked a this point).  So I talked to the hotel and made arrangements for a gutted piano that I had already paid for to be sitting in the maintenance garage at the hotel when I arrived.  I was so worried I would show up and it wouldn’t be there, keep in mind I’m just working this out with a bunch of people I don’t know.

For the hair inspiration I wanted up-do’s that were over the top… then let Charisse go from there.  She spends about 6-7 hours on a hair piece like this PRIOR to the shoot (for each model) then putting them on and getting them ready is hours.  The fashion just came together, “whimsical, enchanting dresses” – easy, “Tutu Du Monde”, for the boys I thought Mummymoon was perfect, sophisticated, but still a little unique.

When we arrived at the hotel I rushed to the garage to see if the piano was there, “phew” it was.  It was in a corner of a garage looking abandoned, somebody could have easily taken it, so I was lucky.  Okay everything was in place – well wait, the piano isn’t on the beach yet – that should be easy though…. right?  NO… it took myself and 4 other assistants and a maintenance guy, to start the slow journey of placing the piano.  Pushing it across the concrete through the sides of the hotel’s swimming pool, etc. with no wheels then across the sand was tricky to say the least.  My team kept stopping and thinking it was close enough to the water, but I felt so bad because I kept making them push it closer.

When we started shooting the tide had come in which we had planned, but didn’t plan for the piano to actually not be heavy enough to stay sturdy, so every time the waves would push it the piano would significantly move, making the models and everybody nervous. I had two guys standing in the water holding the piano from the back so it wouldn’t move as much, and had to edit them out of most photos. We had a whole crew of people out there, lights, and then people started to gather around from the beach as we started shooting, I didn’t really notice though until afterwards… when I get into my shoots, it’s like I travel to a different planet for a couple of hours, I love it.

Here are some behind the scenes pics that people took with their phones while I was shooting:

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June 9, 2013

Utah Newborn Photographer | Beautiful Ella Newborn Photography by one of the premier newborn photographers in Utah, Frosted Productions  


Utah Newborn Photographer | Beautiful Ella

Newborn Photography by one of the premier newborn photographers in Utah, Frosted Productions


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June 7, 2013

Dance Photography – 5 sisters, 1 dress


This was such a fun unique shoot – I loved it.  These are 5 sisters – can you imagine – 5 girls?  Must have been a highly emotional house growing up with lots of drama. ;)  You wouldn’t guess it though if that were the case because all of these girls were lovely.

I spoke with their cute mother when she was booking the shoot and she described that she has always wanted some “beautiful, heavenly” type photo that she could blow up and hang in her home.  These types of photos can be difficult because when you are trying to execute what is in somebody else’s head it is actually harder than executing something you have created all by yourself.  I thought I understood what this mother was describing to me, I have a dance background myself so I think I could maybe relate to her more as all of her daughters have been or were dancers.

There was a catch though – One Dress!  All of the girls had to take turns wearing the same dress!  We had a little trampoline and I took them individually and would work with them on getting that perfect shot in the air.  Well – getting a perfect shot while jumping is not so easy, thinking about the hair, toes, straight legs, etc. can be difficult, so I actually pieced all of the girls together – literally, took an arm from one photo, bottom half of a body from another photo and started putting it together to create this beautiful image that their mother had in her head.

After a lot of shooting, many hours in Photoshop and way too much Diet Coke, I got the final photo finished.  Their mother loved it and said she cried when she saw it which is the best response a photographer can ever hope for.

A couple of variations, which one do you like best?  Comment and let me know! ;)

utah photographers

dance photographer in utah

utah photographers


April 27, 2013

Photojournalism at a Farm Animal Birthday Party


Children Photography | Utah Children Photographer

children photography, portrait photographer


This was such a fun idea for a first birthday – and this little girl was to die for.  This type of photography is more of a photojournalistic approach, more like a wedding reception.  It’s fun to hide behind the lens and capture moments when nobody knows you are clicking away.

It ended up raining, pouring rain the whole time – so was a let down as far as the weather goes because the whole party was supposed to be around the farm animals and riding the ponies, etc.  It also made the photography more difficult since we were inside a room the whole time which I wasn’t really planning on, good thing I have my sb900 flash in my bag for back up.

I love when Mom’s go all out on birthday parties for their kids, so much fun.  I took photos of family members, etc. but thought I would focus the post more on the birthday girl.

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April 26, 2013

Smash that birthday cake and eat it too.


Utah Children Photographer

children photography by Frosted Productions


Yes, yes, a year ago or more, yes, yes, I say that in every post, but slowly catching up…  How can I not love Birthday Cake Smash photo shoots?  Cutest. Thing. Ever.

I love to photograph one year olds, I was actually shooting 6-9 month olds tonight for Persnickety Layette Spring Collection – adorable little babes I love it.  I had 16 month old model there as well, and she did great, but I was telling her mother that it is actually harder to shoot 16 month olds versus 6-9 month olds.  I would say between the ages of 16 months and 3 years old is pretty difficult, many little girls get better around 2 1/2, but it is challenging, you have to find things to keep them interested and plan on getting candid photography.

So back to this shoot, whenever I do a birthday cake smash shoot, I like to get some photos before the messy fun begins, I love this name “Saylor” by the way, so cute.  We snuck her big sister in some of the shots as well.  I know I can get all “frilly” and decorate a big huge table with tons of cute little things, balloons, whatever… it’s not that I don’t like that kind of stuff, but I like really simple sometimes like this plain blue backdrop, I thought it looked beautiful, yet fun, clean and cute all at the same time.

Check out Children Photography Details and Pricing at our Children Photography Page.

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March 20, 2013

Utah Newborn Photographer | Reflection Perfection


Utah Newborn Photographer

Newborn Photography | Reflection Perfection


This is one of my favorite Newborn Photography sessions, ever, I can’t believe it took me so long to post it, okay I can believe it, but you know.  There is something about the clean, beautiful water, and the sweet perfection of the reflection that was so magical.  It was so beautiful while I was shooting, I actually started to cry – SO embarrassing, but I’m so passionate about my work, and to see the mother with her brand new baby in the water, I just thought was so beautiful.

This baby was SO sweet, she was perfection, not even a cry out of her the whole time, and the sweetest, cutest little smile.  After shoots like that it is hard for me to not want another baby (well after all Newborn shoots I want another baby), whenever I hold one I can hardly take the feeling I get holding a brand new baby.

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March 20, 2013

Children Commercial Photography for Jumina’s SS13 Collection


I have been doing tons of commercial photography lately, shoot after shoot after shoot…. I’m exhausted.  I do love it, but it is very high stress…I shot Jumina’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection, not posting the photos now, but here is a video of some of the photos! Thanks to Koko Blush for helping make the shoot happen!

This shoot by far took the most time in prepping as far as set building, my hubby and I about lost it putting it all together….  thanks to him for always being so supportive and helping bring my photography dreams to life.

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

March 1, 2013

Spring Photo Favorites from 2012 part 1


Utah Children Photographer

child photography | spring sessions 2012 part 1


Soooo… Spring is in the Air?  Well, it’s getting there and I’m excited for the beautiful blossoms!  I went through and picked out some of my favorites from all of the Spring Sessions I did last there – there were a lot!  So I have three different posts of my favorites, since I couldn’t possibly narrow it down!  And when I do blog posts, I guess all the photos that I show from a session may not be the most amazing photo in the world, but I like to show a little variety so when clients view this kind of stuff they know what to expect in the photography they will get.   I will post part 2 and 3 soon

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February 27, 2013

Beautiful child photos of this sweet little girl at my favorite field in the world.


Children Photographer

children photography | Starr


This past Summer I took my beautiful little neighbor, Starr up to my favorite field in the world and played around, I had to snap some photos for Royal Sisters Boutique, who do these amazing head bands/ bows, etc.  So that was the purpose – but how could I not just take some fun candid stuff too? Although I do so much photography, I can never get enough of it, give me a sweet, innocent child and a beautiful field with white flowers and you will literally have to drag me away until I can’t go any higher on my ISO settings… I am SO, so, passionate about what I do and every day feel so lucky to actually be making money at doing something that is so much fun.  When I am at photo shoots, I go into a world where I don’t think about anything else except the shoot at this moment, there is really nothing else that allows me to do that…

I had my little Belle up there with me and was able to get a couple cute ones of her too, so I included those.  I LOVED the cute dress that Starr was wearing when I saw her that afternoon, I need to ask her what brand it was, if I forget to comment and somebody wants to know, remind me.  But I wasn’t planning on taking photos of her, I just knew I had to get these headbands shot  and when I saw her it inspired me to take her to this lovely place and take some photos.  I love that her hair was so natural and not perfectly curled, etc.  That is my favorite look on a child.

There are wild apple trees at this place (not in these pics), and it is the ONLY location I really keep to myself, I have never seen another photographer there and if the word got out I feel like there would be a million photographers there 24/7 because of it’s beauty and variety. I like to go there with my kids in the summer, sometimes in the late afternoon or sometimes in the middle of the day, just to run around, throw rocks, etc.  They named it officially, “Apple Crisp” park.  It is where I have taken some amazing fall color pictures I get asked about a lot… I think I get asked hundreds of times a year where this place is… I can’t wait to go there this Spring… hmmmm, just thinking about it sort of put me in a trance of “wanting summer and no more winter”… it gets hard every year in Utah for me around March, when you are craving Spring and Summer and sort of done with the snow.  Although, I’m not a “winter hater” like some around here, I actually love the whimsical white beauty of snow and the cold doesn’t bother me.

Okay, so back to the photos…  so we really only spent about 15 minutes taking these and it was later than “golden hour”, so normally would have shot them earlier, but I still think they are pretty.

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