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Thanks for visiting my photography blog! For pricing and information go to I attempt to keep up to date on it, and have felt more motivated lately... so hopefully will be current eventually. This is a new blog since 2012, thought I would migrate my old posts over, but let's be honest, I don't think it will ever happen - so for now, enjoy my latest (and hopefully greatest). I usually write late at night, so please excuse my punctuality, sometimes I have something to say about a shoot, and other times I'm falling asleep, it's random, but at least you get to see the photos. I'm the only photographer and editor of Frosted Productions (get asked that a lot) - I will have admins help post photos, but I'm the one that always writes the posts - feel free to comment - I love to hear from others. xoxo

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September 27, 2013

Winter Wonderland Family Photo Shoot


Family Photographer in Utah

utah family photographers


Another family photo shoot in the snow… how cute is this for Christmas Cards?  I just can’t get enough of my fake snow shoots… hehe  And no the snowman wasn’t really there.  Love the color scheme of the outfits in this shoot too.  It’s pretty easy to get candid expressions when using the fake snow as the kids absolutely love it.

I’m getting a lot of inquiries about family photography for the fall, I’m unfortunately completely booked until next year (almost booked out until June), so please book in advance for any type of photo shoot you are interested in, I only take a limited amount of portrait photography sessions (family, child, newborn) because of my commercial photo shoot schedule, click here for Utah Family Photography pricing & info.  I will be doing some packages here and there, where I can shoot a lot of children, or families back to back during a day or two, so email us at to be put on our email list for specials, etc.

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September 7, 2013

Fall Leaves and in love… engagement photo session.


Utah Engagement Photographer

wedding photographers in utah | j&l


Soooo I had to split this post into two posts because, yes, there are that many photos.  I could not handle how many great photos came out of this shoot, and it’s so crazy, we just went to a field and hung out – I really try to make photo shoots feel candid and comfortable, in order to do that we do a lot of talking and get to know each other while I snap my camera – over and over and over.  When getting candid photos, you have to take TONS in order to capture that perfect moment.  It’s not uncommon that I have 1000 – 1500 photo proofs after an engagement shoot.  And can you BELIEVE these FAll Colors???  Amazing.

Again, as I mentioned in the previous engagement photography post about this couple (their black and white studio photo shoot), I did this shoot a while ago but put the photos on my site, not blog, then re-did my site, anyway – had to get them on my blog, so here they are.  Oh and here are a couple of videos I put together with their photos, I LOVE putting music to photos, it just makes you “feel” that you were there… take a look at these and comment, tell me if you like photos to music.

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

*Always open the post by clicking on the title of it to see all of the photos larger.

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August 9, 2013

Can you say, “Fall Colors”? When it comes to family photography in Utah, there is nothing better than the bright colors that Autumn brings.


Utah Family Photographer

Family Photography in Utah | Candid Colors


I call this my “magic field” for a reason, and this past Fall the colors weren’t even as vivid as I have seen them in the past believe it or not.  Well they were “vivid” but sometimes in the Fall all of the trees turn at the same exact time and other years they go in spurts so you have the trees that have lost their leaves with the trees that are still holding their leaves and color.  I’ve noticed this has a lot to do with the wind, so I am always praying every October that we don’t get a wind storm that takes aways the Autumn beauty.  I had a blast with this family, I thought the mom did good on styling as well… candid, fun, family photography.  This was this past Fall – so if I keep up my blogging I might not be a year behind anymore – yippee!

I’m typically a few months booked out at least if you are interested in a family photography session, here is a link for details and pricing on my site: Utah Family Photography

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April 19, 2013

Family Photography session from last summer…


Utah Family Photographer

Family Photography by Utah Family Photographer, Amber Bauerle | J & A Family


This was a family photography session I did last summer, I love this field, I love this family.  “Young” families make the best candid portraits, and that’s a lot of times your only option when you have kids under the age of 5 running around… but that’s my favorite type of photography anyway. This session was a quick 30 minute Family Photography Session, many times kids won’t last longer than that, so I have to be on my toes ready to take the photos as the kids will sort of let you know when they are done.

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March 20, 2013

Utah Newborn Photographer | Reflection Perfection


Utah Newborn Photographer

Newborn Photography | Reflection Perfection


This is one of my favorite Newborn Photography sessions, ever, I can’t believe it took me so long to post it, okay I can believe it, but you know.  There is something about the clean, beautiful water, and the sweet perfection of the reflection that was so magical.  It was so beautiful while I was shooting, I actually started to cry – SO embarrassing, but I’m so passionate about my work, and to see the mother with her brand new baby in the water, I just thought was so beautiful.

This baby was SO sweet, she was perfection, not even a cry out of her the whole time, and the sweetest, cutest little smile.  After shoots like that it is hard for me to not want another baby (well after all Newborn shoots I want another baby), whenever I hold one I can hardly take the feeling I get holding a brand new baby.

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March 1, 2013

Spring Photo Favorites from 2012 part 1


Utah Children Photographer

child photography | spring sessions 2012 part 1


Soooo… Spring is in the Air?  Well, it’s getting there and I’m excited for the beautiful blossoms!  I went through and picked out some of my favorites from all of the Spring Sessions I did last there – there were a lot!  So I have three different posts of my favorites, since I couldn’t possibly narrow it down!  And when I do blog posts, I guess all the photos that I show from a session may not be the most amazing photo in the world, but I like to show a little variety so when clients view this kind of stuff they know what to expect in the photography they will get.   I will post part 2 and 3 soon

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February 27, 2013

Beautiful child photos of this sweet little girl at my favorite field in the world.


Children Photographer

children photography | Starr


This past Summer I took my beautiful little neighbor, Starr up to my favorite field in the world and played around, I had to snap some photos for Royal Sisters Boutique, who do these amazing head bands/ bows, etc.  So that was the purpose – but how could I not just take some fun candid stuff too? Although I do so much photography, I can never get enough of it, give me a sweet, innocent child and a beautiful field with white flowers and you will literally have to drag me away until I can’t go any higher on my ISO settings… I am SO, so, passionate about what I do and every day feel so lucky to actually be making money at doing something that is so much fun.  When I am at photo shoots, I go into a world where I don’t think about anything else except the shoot at this moment, there is really nothing else that allows me to do that…

I had my little Belle up there with me and was able to get a couple cute ones of her too, so I included those.  I LOVED the cute dress that Starr was wearing when I saw her that afternoon, I need to ask her what brand it was, if I forget to comment and somebody wants to know, remind me.  But I wasn’t planning on taking photos of her, I just knew I had to get these headbands shot  and when I saw her it inspired me to take her to this lovely place and take some photos.  I love that her hair was so natural and not perfectly curled, etc.  That is my favorite look on a child.

There are wild apple trees at this place (not in these pics), and it is the ONLY location I really keep to myself, I have never seen another photographer there and if the word got out I feel like there would be a million photographers there 24/7 because of it’s beauty and variety. I like to go there with my kids in the summer, sometimes in the late afternoon or sometimes in the middle of the day, just to run around, throw rocks, etc.  They named it officially, “Apple Crisp” park.  It is where I have taken some amazing fall color pictures I get asked about a lot… I think I get asked hundreds of times a year where this place is… I can’t wait to go there this Spring… hmmmm, just thinking about it sort of put me in a trance of “wanting summer and no more winter”… it gets hard every year in Utah for me around March, when you are craving Spring and Summer and sort of done with the snow.  Although, I’m not a “winter hater” like some around here, I actually love the whimsical white beauty of snow and the cold doesn’t bother me.

Okay, so back to the photos…  so we really only spent about 15 minutes taking these and it was later than “golden hour”, so normally would have shot them earlier, but I still think they are pretty.

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February 25, 2013

Utah Newborn Photographer | The Bell Family welcomes their “Bell of the Ball”


Utah Newborn Photographer

Newborn Photography in Utah | The “Bell” of the Ball


The Bell Family was so excited to welcome this beautiful new baby into their home…  She was so sweet and squishy and was patient while we put her into fun little poses.  Since I am literally a year behind in posting, I may not even remember details from post to post – but I have one of my assistants now actually helping me put the blog posts together.  It will also be me writing them, but she can help put the photos in place, etc.  Although my photography has really mainly been commercial shoots lately, I think I will always make time for sweet newborn photography shoots – there is really nothing that compares to them.

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September 18, 2012

Utah Family Photographer | Beautiful family in an orchard wearing formal clothes with some major sun flare and cute photos of their 19 year old son ready to leave on an LDS mission.


Utah Family Photographer

family photographers in utah, the “t” family


OK. So when it comes to Family Photography I get asked a lot about how my pricing works, what you get with my family photo sessions, etc.  Many people don’t realize the HOURS I spend on my shoots, all photographers spend different amounts of time on their shoots and photos and have different levels of experience. Many of the photos I see on the internet are not edited, or retouched, maybe a quick “contrast boost” click and that’s it, this is fine, however very different than what I do so the pricing is different.

Often most of my clients are people that have knowledge about photography, if you don’t know or can’t tell the difference between good photos and average, then you wouldn’t understand how I charge for the photos perhaps.  My family sessions are not simply going somewhere for 20 minutes and clicking a couple of photos.  This particular family ended up with a thousand proofs, BECAUSE to get TRUE candid photos, you can’t stage the photo quickly.  Sometimes the first 20-30 minutes of a shoot we are getting to know each other, laughing and I’m casually clicking my camera.  Every family is usually a little stiff and uncomfortable at first, typically the parents have just been yelling at their kids to behave in the car, etc. ;)  So it’s important to get them warmed up.

So some things to think about is not only are you paying for a photographer that has the skills to take photos from the right angles with the right lighting and exposure but also a photographer that knows how to get a family to relax and interact, it is actually pretty difficult and not everyone can do it.  Plus remember the hours that are spent afterward having an eye to choose the best photos and then editing them to perfection and then there’s Photoshop – which really differentiates photographers.  Last year I edited out a little girl’s wet jeans on 20 photos because she had a potty accident and we were not near a bathroom… :)  It’s not as easy as it looks, and no matter how good you get, it’s still time consuming.  You can’t just “color” over the jeans that are wet, you need to keep the same textures, etc.

I have thought over and over and over, talked to my husband and tried to come up with a “mini family session” or something, but what happens is it somehow just turns into a regular one, because I am still spending the time setting up my studio or driving around looking for outdoor locations, either way there is much time spent before the shoot has even happened.  And then I usually end up getting so many great shots and then well… I just can’t leave great photos unedited – I just can’t help myself.

While looking at these photos, see if you can notice the candid shots, lighting, posing variety, angles, creativity, the post editing, the brightness of their eyes, the lack of shadows all over their faces, etc.  Okay, so enough about that – I mean this is my blog, so thought it would be a good idea to educate any people out there that don’t understand the difference between photographers, pricing, etc. ;)  And there are MANY AMAZING photographers out there, I’m not saying that there aren’t.

Okay now for this family…

I love family photos in an orchard, I normally don’t like “formal” clothing for family photos, but when the mom wanted to do it I knew she could pull it off.  I want to know colors, clothing, accessories before any shoot, that is part of the consultation call that I do to give tips and help develop the location/concept, props, etc.

This family’s oldest son is getting ready to leave on an LDS Mission for 2 years and so I highlighted him and did some “mission photos” as well. For those of you reading this that don’t know much about the LDS religion, all young men at the age of 19 are encouraged to serve a 2 year mission, they fill out paperwork and then wait to hear where they will be going!

And YES, I am obsessed with sun flare.

photographers in utah

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September 11, 2012

Utah Senior Portraits Photography | Caramel hair, emerald eyes – this girl cannot be real.


Utah Senior Pictures

teysia | utah senior portraits photography

I am very tired right now, which is good otherwise I would go on and on about this shoot, this girl, her clothes, hair, everything.  Her eyes are the most amazing green color I have ever seen, the lighting and the way it bounced off of her hair was unreal.

When we first talked about doing her senior photography session, she said she is so “vintage”, that is “Teysia”.  So we wanted to do something that reflected that style, which ultimately reflected her of course.  I was so in love with her lace dress I made her put it back on after we did some shots of her in the blue dress (which I loved as well), but there was something about the cream lace dress that worked so perfectly with our location, her look, etc.

It’s amazing how many incredible photos you can get with 1 location and 1 look.  I find so many times that when people want “outfit changes” it often not only takes time away from shooting, but it doesn’t allow the looks to totally get developed, many times it’s best to stick with the one look and go with it.  I know, I know, seniors out there want more than one look, that’s fine… I was just saying…

For rates and details for senior portraits, visit my: senior portraits photography page.  I love doing shoots with a theme, or concept, or with an editorial type feel.  I do a lot of post editing (still keep the person looking like themselves of course), but I do a lot of things to make the photo basically just look better, more grabbing, etc. SO with that said, if you want some quick shots leaning against a tree smiling, I’m probably not your girl.

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