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October 11, 2013



Portrait Photography | Chloe

portrait photographer


This beautiful ginger needed some head shots for some different auditions she was doing, I know at one point she was going to tryout for the NYC Rockettes, I need to follow up with her to see if she did, she is a beautiful dancer and we had a lot of fun at the shoot.

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April 3, 2013

Gorgeous High School Senior, Linsey.


Senior Portraits Photographer | Linsey

senior portraits photography in Salt Lake City and Utah County


A year ago maybe? ;) I am thinking of having a “blogging party” with my assistant and just doing blog posts for 6 hours straight – why is it so hard to give up that time for this?  I guess when I have fashion designers and people waiting on photos from me it’s hard to not work on those projects…  I love doing Commercial and Fashion photography, but I still love regular Portrait Photography – senior photos, newborn photography, etc.  I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY – all types, aaah – I wish on a daily basis I could just do one type, but there is so much I love, I can’t give anything up.  I am super excited to shoot the Top 10 Teen Models in Atlanta for Teen Model Magazine, but also just as excited to take a little girl to a field – I feel like I have a split personality sometimes.  I’m obsessed with Disney and Princesses and have watched Les Miserables 5 times since it came out yet I play Halo and Call of Duty on Xbox Live with my husband… and I’m actually good at it!  Okay, FUNNIEST thing is that my name on Xbox is “Whimsy Mist” – sort of ironic?  I always love when 12 year old boys get on and say “who is “Whimsical Wisp???”.  Am I talking about photography still?  Nope.

OH so about this shoot – LOVE this girl, I hope you can get to know her personality a little in these photos and understand what “Linsey” is all about – that’s the point of a Senior Photography shoot after all, right?

I LOVE her photo with Stefan and Edward, we were laughing so hard – okay I admit it, I watch Vampire Diaries and these photos make me want to get eye lash extensions.

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September 22, 2012

Dance photography session with Witney Carson from “So You Think You Can Dance”


Dance Photography, Editorial Photographer

dance photographer, witney carson


Love this shoot – love Witney Carson, if you watch Fox’s show, So You Think You Can Dance, she made it I want to say to the top 6?  The show is amazing, Witney was amazing.  I was so lucky to work with her.  My background is dance and so I can really related to dancers and when I do shoots with them I know what the proper techniques are, and so I can literally coach them and critique them while I am taking the photos, which helps to get those perfect shots.

When we did this shoot I was super nervous that she would get hurt because the floor was super slippery and with her doing the “jumps” she was doing really stressed me out, I was thinking “what if she got hurt and had to leave the show because of my photography session with her” lol.  She kept reassuring me that she was fine.  When we did the shots where there is water on her hair, etc.  Those types of shots are actually really hard to get without the water being too much on her face or something, we kept throwing water on her over and over and she started to shiver!  But she was such a professional and wanted to keep going until I got the shots, I think I did.

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September 11, 2012

Utah Senior Portraits Photography | Caramel hair, emerald eyes – this girl cannot be real.


Utah Senior Pictures

teysia | utah senior portraits photography

I am very tired right now, which is good otherwise I would go on and on about this shoot, this girl, her clothes, hair, everything.  Her eyes are the most amazing green color I have ever seen, the lighting and the way it bounced off of her hair was unreal.

When we first talked about doing her senior photography session, she said she is so “vintage”, that is “Teysia”.  So we wanted to do something that reflected that style, which ultimately reflected her of course.  I was so in love with her lace dress I made her put it back on after we did some shots of her in the blue dress (which I loved as well), but there was something about the cream lace dress that worked so perfectly with our location, her look, etc.

It’s amazing how many incredible photos you can get with 1 location and 1 look.  I find so many times that when people want “outfit changes” it often not only takes time away from shooting, but it doesn’t allow the looks to totally get developed, many times it’s best to stick with the one look and go with it.  I know, I know, seniors out there want more than one look, that’s fine… I was just saying…

For rates and details for senior portraits, visit my: senior portraits photography page.  I love doing shoots with a theme, or concept, or with an editorial type feel.  I do a lot of post editing (still keep the person looking like themselves of course), but I do a lot of things to make the photo basically just look better, more grabbing, etc. SO with that said, if you want some quick shots leaning against a tree smiling, I’m probably not your girl.

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July 7, 2012

Cool, clean, Cover Girl feel. This High School Senior is fun, fresh and beautiful on the inside and out.


Utah Senior Portraits Photographer

sara, utah senior portrait photography session


This photo shoot has a clean feel like many of the “Cover Girl” photos you see in magazines.   Sara had already done her official “Senior Photos” in the spring before this shoot, so this was just for fun.  I love how sweet this girl is, we had such a good time at this photo shoot, laughing and hanging out together with the hair and makeup artist.  Again, plain white backdrop, but pretty technical to get it pure white in every single spot.  I also used a PepperLu Faux Floor which is generally used for my kids and newborn shoots, but I thought it would add a fun element to this shoot and I really liked it.  I didn’t know how it would look with the white backdrop, and how it would transition, etc., but it turned out great.  If you don’t know about PepperLu and there wonderful photography floors, backdrops, etc.  Check them out.

Oh and this shoot was done, ummm.. I would have to check the photo dates, as I’m slowly catching up, I can’t quite remember, but could have been last November?  Oh my gosh, I can’t wait until I’m done with my past stuff so I can get on top of things, wahoo!

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June 18, 2012

Fan, fan, fan – yes, so I liked to blow her hair all over the place with my fan. Love this girl.


Utah Portrait Photographer | Hayley

portrait photographer in Utah County and Salt Lake City


How beautiful is this girl?  Too bad she is not tall enough, otherwise she would for sure be a model.  Like I always say, you don’t need a million props and backdrops to get awesome photos.  I love that she just wore what she would normally wear to school, her hair was just like it looks everyday… I thought it was really cool that she didn’t get all done up!  These pics are totally “Hayley”.

So speaking of her clothes, I like them, I like her look and everything but it is just crazy to me how much style has changed since I was in High School, it’s like you can just put anything together now and it works.

Can you tell we had fun with the fan on this shoot?

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June 13, 2012

Senior Photo-shoot from this past fall with the most beautiful girl and autumn leaves in the world.


Utah Senior Pictures

gabby, utah senior portrait photography session


I did say I was going to catch up on my blog now didn’t I.  Okay, this senior pictures photo shoot is with such a fun loving, beautiful bubbly girl.  She is sweet but goofy as well and so I tried to showcase both.  With senior photos you can’t really go wrong if you showcase their personality, whether your are telling a story about their sports, dance, or just simply their personality, that’s what is most important.

So when did Senior Portraits become soooo popular, now it’s not even a question of getting them or not, it’s “when or who is taking your senior portraits”?  It hasn’t been that long since I graduated from high school, well okay, it’s been about 13 years, but still, when I was in high school people didn’t really even do “senior photos”, I don’t remember even considering it, which trust me I would have as I have always loved photography. ;)

This is photo shoot is at my most favorite place to take photos – can you believe the fall colors, every time I go to this place, spring, fall or whenever it takes my breath away.

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June 4, 2012

Sneak Peek of Witney Carson’s Dance Photo-Shoot | Witney Carson from So you think you can Dance!


Here is a sneak peek of this “dance” photoshoot I did with Witney… wow – it was so amazing, everything just worked perfectly.  It seems that every time I do a photoshoot with her, everything is perfect, she is totally casual, but so stunningly beautiful… I’m so lucky to take pics of her!

She was such a trooper at the end as well because we threw water on her 10 times in a row and she was shivering (although we were inside it was still cold), but she let us keep doing it until we got the shot… and I must say, “we got the shot.”  There are so many more good ones, I can’t wait to finish editing them!

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May 16, 2012

Witney Carson from So You Think You Can Dance – White on white on white – the horse, the hair the dress….


Witney Carson | Utah Senior Pictures

witney carson senior portrait photography session


I have to say, I am totally obsessed with this senior photo shoot. When I have something in my head and it comes to life in the exact way I wanted it to, it is the best thing ever. When Witney called me we talked about some ideas and the horse thing just stuck. I was thinking something “whimsical” feeling and wanted a white horse to go with her white hair and then have her wear a cream/white dress. Well, Witney brought exactly what I was envisioning for the clothing, she did great.

She had mentioned that her Grandpa owned horses so I just assumed she had ridden before, nope, she had never even been on a horse! Her natural grace and beauty overshadowed any insecurities she had on the horse. She was so amazing to work with and I had so much fun.

There is something magical and whimsical about a white horse, she looks like she is in a fairytale.  Thanks to Maddy who is the horse, Willow’s owner… she was so patient and willing to do whatever we needed.  She was actually standing in some of the shots, but I took her out… you would never know though.  I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!  Love you Wit!

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July 30, 2010

Utah Portrait Photography Session of two beautiful sisters…


Utah Portrait Photography

linsey & kylie part-1B portrait photography session


Part B of this shoot previously posted – different looks.

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