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October 20, 2012

Portrait Photography of High School Senior (now graduate), Chandler.


Senior Portrait Photography Session in Utah

Senior Portrait Photographer in Utah | Chandler

I did these ummm…. I want to say this past Spring, I know if I really wanted to know I can look at the date of when I took the photos, but no, I’m way too lazy to do that at the moment. I like to tell a story a little when I do senior portrait photography… or not a “story” but I want the photos to somehow tell you a little bit about that person.

This is Chandler, he went to American Fork High School, likes to have a good time, is chill and relaxed, likes to long board, is on Twitter, can be goofy at times, has a great smile, graduated 2012…

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July 7, 2012

Cool, clean, Cover Girl feel. This High School Senior is fun, fresh and beautiful on the inside and out.


Utah Senior Portraits Photographer

sara, utah senior portrait photography session


This photo shoot has a clean feel like many of the “Cover Girl” photos you see in magazines.   Sara had already done her official “Senior Photos” in the spring before this shoot, so this was just for fun.  I love how sweet this girl is, we had such a good time at this photo shoot, laughing and hanging out together with the hair and makeup artist.  Again, plain white backdrop, but pretty technical to get it pure white in every single spot.  I also used a PepperLu Faux Floor which is generally used for my kids and newborn shoots, but I thought it would add a fun element to this shoot and I really liked it.  I didn’t know how it would look with the white backdrop, and how it would transition, etc., but it turned out great.  If you don’t know about PepperLu and there wonderful photography floors, backdrops, etc.  Check them out.

Oh and this shoot was done, ummm.. I would have to check the photo dates, as I’m slowly catching up, I can’t quite remember, but could have been last November?  Oh my gosh, I can’t wait until I’m done with my past stuff so I can get on top of things, wahoo!

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March 9, 2012

A children photography session that has fall colors you will not believe are real, I still can’t believe it myself, and I was there.


Utah Children Photography

leave the parents at home, children photography session


I cannot believe the fall colors in this shoot.  When I found this spot this past Fall, I about died, I was screaming and jumping (really it was bad).  I was excited about the beautiful paths and Fall colors and didn’t think it could get better but kept walking and then I see this beautiful field that had the most beautiful red, orange and yellow fall colors on trees surrounding it.

This shoot was originally supposed to be with the whole family but at the last minute their dad couldn’t come and so we decided to do the shoot with just the kids.  It was fun, I think they got a workout because I made them run through the field a hundred times.  I also love when children, teens or whatever hold hands it is so cute, but that age of “children” isn’t really into “holding hands”.  Well, they still did for me a little. ;)

Take a second and look at this first shot – those colors are real, I really had never seen anything like it, for all the trees to be in full autumn bloom without leaves that had fallen very much – amazing.  I also love in this photo how the sun just barely touches the tops of their hair.

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February 27, 2012

Engagement Photography photo slide shows of the most editorial, beautiful couple!


Utah Engagement Photography

l+j engagement photography video slide shows


Wow…. I really could do engagement shoots every single day. I love how “in love” couples are when they are engaged… not that it changes when they are married for years (well maybe a little.)   :)

I love music, I love photos to music, having years of dance training, choreographing and coaching allows me to “choreograph” the photos to music.  You will know what I mean if you have seen my photo slide shows.  I can’t wait to edit their wedding day videography, such a stunningly beautiful couple.

These videos are so fun to play during a reception, open house, luncheon, etc.  It’s also fun to add dating photos to them as well and then have bridal photos all looping on a DVD playing over and over.

All of my wedding packages come with free DVD slideshows of the engagement, bridals and wedding photos for FREE!  Just a little bonus to have…  If you are interested in booking a wedding with us, make sure to fill out our wedding form to get prices and a call from me to go over the details!

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February 11, 2012

Do you like “whimsical” things? If so, you don’t want to miss this little slideshow that I put together of some of the photos from the children editorial fashion photography shoot we did for a little girl’s clothing line out of Florida.


Whimsical Children Photography

photo slideshow from fashion editorial photography shoot for mia belle baby’s spring collection


Yippee! All done finally! Here is the final photo slideshow, it is very “whimsical”, my favorite. And if you want to see all of the photos from this shoot, click go to this page on my website: Children Photographer in Utah There are TONS of pics there and all the photo slideshows as well.

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February 4, 2012

Must watch this photo slideshow Part 3 from the Editorial Shoot I did for Mia Belle Baby out of Florida.


Children Fashion Photographer

cutest photo slideshow for fashion photography shoot, mia belle baby


Okay, I really, really love this…. sooooo cute.  It’s Part 3 from the Children Editorial Fashion Photography shoot I did for Mia Belle Baby. Hope you enjoy as much as I do!

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September 30, 2010

Baseball is Life… so is family.


Utah Children Photographer

riley, jayde and starr children portrait photography session

Okay, I love this family! They have the cutest kids! And they were such troopers (I can’t believe I said, “troopers” but can’t think of something better at the moment). This was the longest shoot because we had to buy some time while we waited for the lighting on the baseball field – but that was fine with me because I got to take even more photos of these cute kids. Riley is the most amazing baseball player – I mean pitching at 92 miles per hour at age 15? Come on… His Dad jokes that Riley is his retirement, I think he may be right… ;) When somebody books a shoot, I like to think about what they like to do together, etc. and this family is constantly eating, breathing and sleeping “baseball”…

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