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April 13, 2015

The very last post of the Persnickety SS15 Catalog Shoot…


Child Fashion Photographer

fashion photography

Okay, ready drum roll……… the last post of the Persnickety SS15 Catalog Collection! Soooo many photos, I’m exhausted just looking at them again lol – BUT I do have to say I’m very grateful for the opportunity to work with such an amazing company.  I am their Photographer and Casting Director – they hire me for all of their catalog and website shoots – such a fun opportunity for me.  It does take up about half of my year in shooting, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world, so many great relationships, memories and amazing things have happened on my Persnickety journey.  I am going on my third year working with them and there are a lot of amazing things coming…

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April 12, 2015

Are we in the Swiss Alps? Utah is such a gorgeous setting for photo shoots! This is the second to the last post of the Persnickety SS15 Catalog shoot.


Child Fashion Photography

fashion photographer

Another phase to the Persnickety SS15 Catalog Shoot.  Looks like we are in the Swiss Alps in some of these shots!!! I love the drama of the breezy tent too. I’m almost done with showing the shots from SS15 Catalog, we also did 4th of July but that hasn’t been released yet.  Soooo many photos!  If you are a photographer you can appreciate the amount of work these catalogs are for me, and guess what – they added a Teen line too!  We already shot Fall 15 stuff this past Fall, can’t wait to show you.

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April 11, 2015

Sunlit little beauties modeling for Persnickety SS15 Catalog shoot.


Children Fashion Photographer

child fashion photography

Another shoot for Persnickety SS15 Catalog Shoot.  Aren’t these models adorable?

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April 10, 2015

You will want to squish some cheeks if you look at this post… Persnickety’s Layette SS15 Catalog Shoot.


Baby Photography

child fashion photographer

Cutie babes and squishy faces in Persnickety SS15 Catalog shoot.

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April 9, 2015

Vintage Vampire


Child Photographer

portrait photography

I had so much fun shooting this amazing Vampire costume for Ella Dynae.  We shot this while I was in Maine this past Fall.

H/M by Color by Charisse

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April 8, 2015

Sweet baby blue’s in a butterfly dress by Love Baby J.


Children Photographer

child portrait photography

A few quick shots of Belle in Love Baby J while we were in Maine.

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April 5, 2015

The third and final post of Puramania SS15 Campaign shot in Miami!


Fashion Photographer

child fashion photography

The third and final post of the Puramania SS15 Campaign shoot. Shot in Miami (view previous two posts for more). xo

h/m: Styles by Emily

fashion stylist: Style me Jaime

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April 4, 2015

Part 2 of the Puramania SS15 Catalog shoot in Miami


Child Fashion Photographer

fashion photography


Post two of the Puramania SS15 Catalog shoot in Miami….

fashion stylist:

h/m: Styles by Emily

fashion stylist: Style me Jaime

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April 3, 2015

Model Retreat Details


Frosted Productions Model Retreat


These faces blew me away at my Model Retreat this past weekend… their mom’s had submitted photos in the past to castings, but I don’t think I ever would have casted them from the phone pics their mom’s were sending in (no offense mama’s) -That is why I’m going to teach a little “Mom’s Photo Tips” class at my next retreat, to help parents know how to get better photos of their own kids not just for submitting to castings, but to have for themselves. I just had no idea she would look like this behind my lens, this photo was taken the first 15 minutes she was at the retreat, she had never been at a photo shoot before.

I know a bunch of tricks to get a model to look candid and the way I like behind the camera, I tried to do a lot of coaching too while I was shooting… Next Model Retreat is August 13th, 14th and 15th in Utah – ONLY 10-12 spots available, 3 shoots, tons of photos, hair tip class, photo tip class, meet at greet lunch/dinner at my home, network with other models – email me to book a spot,

The two girls below are literally just the first photos I edited from my retreat this past weekend – ALL the other girls are so amazing as well, and I was able to capture each of them perfectly.  I wanted to quickly put this post up because so many people are asking me about my next retreat.  Here is the basic rundown:

*Model retreats are for current models in the industry, girls that would like to become a model and girls that just want an amazing retreat weekend and experience – YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A MODEL OR EVEN WANT TO BE!  Come spend a weekend with me and let’s get some amazing photos!

Here are some testimonials from parents that had daughters at my last retreat:

“I just wanted to thank you so very much for such a wonderful and fun weekend. It was so fun to meet you and be lucky enough to have you take Madison’s photos. I have loved your work since the first day I started following you. I can’t wait to see your magic touch in Madison’s pictures. You and your team were so kind, helpful and showed such great patience with the girls. You and your team made it a memorable and magical experience for my daughter. Can’t thank you enough.” – Adrian Jonsson

Thank you so much for everything. You are truly one of a kind! Your talent, tenacity and work ethic is admirable and unique. We had so much fun and look forward to working together again soon!” – Michey Garcia

“I honestly had no idea what to expect….having never done anything like this.  Reagan was a bit timid the first day, but she cannot stop talking about how much she enjoyed it now.  She loved you and your dream team and I could tell how comfortable they made her feel after she warmed up.  This was truly an experience we will never forget.  I am so hopefully we are able to do this with you again.  I don’t know if she has a future in this business but she loved it and you made it truly special for her.  She’s been talking about how you said she was as fast as the big girls, haha. You have a gift with children and it was clear they all love you!” – Linley Dust

My daughter Laura-Grace attended the model retreat and had a fabulous time. Not only did she get more practice in front of the camera, Amber gave her tips on how to be even better. The locations were breathtaking. The stylist created three different looks that were perfect for Laura-Grace. Hair and make-up were top notch! It is a dream to work for multiple days with one of the top photographers in this industry. I am so thankful for all of the amazing pictures. We cannot wait to attend another retreat. ” – Tracy Brooks

Thank you so much!
Love ya!


August 13, 14 & 15th

10-12 spots available

The price is $1200 – that basically comes down to $400/shoot – which is a great deal for the fine art photography,  hair and makeup, full fashion styling and everything else you get with the retreat. (You can’t book an individual shoot with me for that price including all these things). You get 10 edited photos in digital high res with full copyright release from each shoot and hundreds of proofs to choose from if you would like to purchase more high res digital photos with full copyright release for $20 (normally $25).

*The payments are broken up into 4 payments of $300 over 4-5 months depending on when you book, last payment due a week before model retreat.

Layout idea of retreat: (I don’t know until right before where the locations are, but will be outdoor for sure, may or may not do indoor)

Thursday, August 13th:

morning: half the girls shoot

Lunch – Thursday meet and greet luncheon: most likely meet up at a local restaurant or something (food not included in price)

Mini classes (10-15 minutes long):

- Model Tips and Tricks by me

- Hair and Makeup Prep and Tips by my h/m team

Thursday evening: second half of girls shoot

Friday, August 14th:

morning: half of the girls shoot

Lunch picnic, bring your own food and meet at a park

Mini Class

- Photography tips for parents by Amber (learn how to get better photos of your kids with just a few tips)

afternoon: half of the girls shoot

Saturday, August 15th:

morning:  half of the girls shoot

afternoon: half of the girls shoot

Dinner: Roasting Marshmallows wrap party at my house


- The model retreat is only for girls 3-14. *The reason it is girls only retreat is it seems like 90% of the time that is who books and shoots with me, I LOVE shooting boys – but I think they would feel awkward if there was just 1-2 boys. :)  Plus it makes it easier when I think of themes and location if everybody is the same sex.  Also, I could add teens to this very easily, just want to make sure an 18 year old doesn’t feel weird if there are 5 year olds around her. :) 

- Fashion styling is done all different ways – I try to make sure everybody has a variety of looks from different designers.  With that said, I may use a designer that only goes up to size 12 then use a different designer for a 14 year old, maybe one designer sends me 4 things and then I use another designer for the other looks.  DO NOT COMPARE – I try to make sure everybody leaves the retreat getting the most amazing photos ever – it won’t do anybody any good to compare and think (“I liked her outfit better, etc.).

- Sets.  I will not build some elaborate set just so you know what to expect – some photos that people see me post are photo shoots that have thousands of dollars put into them for commercial shoots – this will be more about the model, lighting, fashion styling. (see a few examples below) – when I get all the edited photos done from this past model retreat, I will post a gallery of each model for you to see.

- Designers and social media attention.  For some of the designers I use, I will send the photos to them afterwards, there is no guarantee they will use these photos, but the model could end up on their website or social media.  I however will show all the models on my Facebook and Instagram, if you would like me to tag you then let me know (some do, some don’t).

- Shoot time, at each shoot I spend about 20-30 minutes with the model – this is plenty of time to get amazing photos – I typically spend 5 minutes per model when I shoot commercial and still get great photos.

*travel expenses, hotel, etc. are not covered, you are paying for the photos, and other experiences listed above. :)

Please email to book a spot! xo







April 3, 2015

Major Brazil clothing line catalog shoot – shot in Miami!


Fashion Photographer

child photography fashion


I had the awesome opportunity to shoot Puramania Kids SS15 Campaign… they are a very large brand in Brazil, I was so flattered and excited when they reached out to me.  They flew me out to Miami and we met there.  I split the post up into three posts since there are a lot of photos… We had a good time playing in the hot Miami sun. I love their designs too.

h/m Styles by Emily

fashion styling: Style me Jaime

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