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June 5, 2015

Enchanted Orchard… amazing model, red hair and of course… apples.


Fashion Photographer

fashion photography

I am in love with everything about this shoot, it was such a fun contrast to put a beautiful couture gown by Alexandria and Olivia in an apple orchard.

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June 2, 2015

Beautiful Khloee in an angelic snow scene I created in my studio.


Child Photographer

portrait photography


Beautiful Khloee wearing Tutu Du Monde in falling “fake” snow… angelic.

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April 2, 2015

Haute Baby Catalog Shoot in Utah’s beautiful wildflowers.


Children Fashion Photographer

child portrait photography

Part 2 of the shoot I did for Haute Baby SS15 Catalog… I am always speechless when I go up to the mountains in Utah, it’s something I never get used to… seriously I live in such a gorgeous place.  I love this cute brand… so fun to shoot for them.

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March 11, 2015

Travel Schedule


Upcoming travel shoots, if you would like to book a shoot with me, email :)

Huntington Beach – April 18th

NYC – May 2

Atlanta – June 26-27

Ogunquit, Maine – August 6-7

Boston – August 8

London – September or October


August 15, 2014

Persnickety AW14 Collection Shoot 3


Children Fashion Photography

fashion photographer


For me there is nothing like a field… as far as photography goes, it’s my all time favorite scene.  A white field can add such an amazing feel to your photos, I just love the vibe.  The weather was perfect, the models were the cutest thing ever, it all just fell into place.  This was the 3rd shoot for Persnickety’s AW14 Collection.  We actually split the shoots up into 2 phases this time while samples were getting finished up, so the next shoots (after this) were taken a month later (last November)… will show those as soon as Persnickety releases them! :)

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June 13, 2014

My muse, Laiya wearing Le Carrousel Paris.


Children Photographer

child fashion photography


I am absolutely obsessed with my little Laiya, I found her last year and have had her at dozens of photo shoots since, she is so sweet and beautiful, I consider her one of my muse’s.  Seriously, her temperament is like nothing I have ever seen, I didn’t even hear her talk the first five shoots I did with her, she is shy but still some how gives me some of the most amazing photos I have ever taken!  These are some shots I did for Le Carrousel Paris, I love this designer and just shot their Spring 2015 line, but can’t show that for a while. ;)

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February 21, 2014

LAST post from Imagine Dragons shoot – even if you got bored, trust me they have a lot of groupies who will obsess over these.


Imagine Dragons Photos

famous rock group, Imagine Dragons


And the last and final post of Imagine Dragons – Love them and hope to work with them again.  Check out the video after you look at the pics and things will make sense – it only has a cool 8.6 million views at the moment. Directed by Matt Eastin, Produced by Jared Shores.

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

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February 20, 2014

Going outdoor with Imagine Dragons for their On Top of the World Music video shoot.


Imagine Dragons

photos of Imagine Dragons


Going outdoor to shoot with Imagine Dragons at their On Top of the World video shoot.  See previous posts to know more about this shoot.  And check out their On Top of the World Video and the photos will make more sense.

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February 19, 2014

More behind the scenes photos of Imagine Dragons – Post 3.


Imagine Dragons Photos

photos of rock band, imagine dragons


I know so many photos, you will enjoy these if you like “behind the scenes” type shots – I think it’s amazing to see the photos and then see the final music video to see how it all came together.  I mean it’s Imagine Dragons, the most popular rock band out right now, so amazing to meet these guys and spend a couple of days with them.  The styling was amazing by Lindsey Shores and then the director of hair, Color by Charisse actually put hair on the Richard Nixon look alike – so cool.

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February 18, 2014

More photos from Imagine Dragons Music Video Shoot.


Imagine Dragons Photos

photos of Imagine Dragons


Post 2 from the grammy winning Imagine Dragons – Video Shoot…  amazing experience.  Still filming in the studio at this point.  Make sure to check out the final On Top of the World Music video produced by Jared Shores and Directed by Matt Eastin and Corey Fox.

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